Monthly Japanese Industry and Policy News February 2023 Issue Available Now

The EU-Japan Centre’s office in Tokyo is regularly publishing "Industry and Policy News”. By screening various Japanese language sources of potential interest, including newly released policy documents, surveys, and official statements, this newsletter aims to provide information in the context of EU-Japan industrial cooperation. The topics of the February 2023 issue are as follows.

The Centre is also publishing on a weekly basis. The weekly releases are available on the following website with a new issue every Friday                                                                                                    

This news was compiled by “Weekly Japanese Industry and Policy News”.

Legislation and Policy News

-    Ministry of the Environment Collaborates with World Bank to Build Carbon Market
-    METI holds “Nuclear Supply Chain Symposium”
-    Investing JP¥ 10 trillion to nurture start-up companies, government's 5-year start-up plan
-    Basic Policy for the Realization of GX” was approved by the Cabinet
-    Relaxation of masks, from March 13, individual judgment regardless of whether indoors or outdoors
-    Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Tokyo Stock Exchange establish SX brands
-    METI holds DX Summit, official public-private event of G7 digital and technology ministerial meeting
-    Government summarizes issues on financed emissions in promoting transition finance
-    METI invests in overseas geothermal power generation
-    International standard originating in Japan issued for control system to avoid car driving collision
-    Tokyo Metropolitan Government decides on 5 startup support companies in the green field

Survey and Business Data

-    Tokyo foreign exchange market trading share hits record low of 4.4%, Bank of Japan
-    Number of births in 2022 falls below 800,000 for the first time 

Company & Organization News

-    Honda supplies renewable power to manned lunar exploration facility 
-    Nippon Steel, Mitsubishi Corporation and ExxonMobil to evaluate and establish CCS value chains in the Asia Pacific Region
-    Toyota tops global sales for 3 consecutive years, 10.48 million units in 2022
-    Panasonic Automotive achieves net zero CO2 emissions at 14 sites worldwide
-    China's BYD starts EV sales in the Japanese market, price is JP¥ 4.4 million
-    Honda sells fuel cell systems externally, 60,000 units a year by 2030
-    AGC reduces CO2 emissions by up to 75% during glass manufacturing, demonstration experiment with French company
-    NEC and Nagasaki University manage newborn vaccines in developing countries using biometric authentication
-    Nippon Paper Industries builds a production system for LiB materials in Europe 
-    Green x Digital Consortium successfully demonstrates CO2 data linkage between different solutions
-    Marubeni to sell low-carbon aluminum products that use renewable energy
-    Sony to release a camera that is easy for the visually impaired to shoot in March
-    Toyobo's FO membrane adopted for the world's first "pressure power generation plant"
-    EBARA develops world's first liquid hydrogen booster pump for hydrogen power generation
-    Nissan accelerates electrification strategy launching 19 EV models by 2030
-    Rapidus invests JP\ 5 trillion in semiconductor factory in Chitose, Hokkaido

EU-Japan Centre's News

一般財団法人 日欧産業協力センター(EUJC)では、広く関係方面から事業活動へご支援をいただくための賛助会員制度を設けました。 当法人の事業活動に賛同される企業、団体等の法人、および個人の方は、…
弊センター専務理事の田辺が執筆したコラムが一般財団法人日本エネルギー経済研究所(IEEJ)のWEBサイトに掲載されましたので、是非ご覧ください。 ◾️日本はメタン排出削減の世界的な取組をリードせよ…
12月2日、日欧産業協力センターは一般財団法人日本エネルギー経済研究所および駐日欧州連合代表部と共催で「欧州はエネルギー危機にどう対応するか ~2050 カーボンニュートラルの行方は~」…
9月21日、日欧産業協力センターは「経済安全保障問題とSTRATEGIC AUTONOMY(戦略的自立)のもとでの日欧産業協力」をテーマに、…
弊センター専務理事の田辺が執筆した新春特別コラムが経済産業研究所(RIETI)のWEBサイトに掲載されましたので、是非ご覧ください。 ◾️新春特別コラム:2023年の日本経済を読む~「新時代」…