April 17


April 18


Lean in Europe : Visit 29 Ski Beat

This hands-on visit focuses on lean in hospitality, linking lean tools (process mapping, preventative maintenance) with customer satisfaction (net promoter score).


It is no longer possible to apply for a place on this visit.

This will be a two day visit (Monday, 17th April: evening drinks reception, lecture/coaching and dinner; Tuesday, 18th April: practical exercises, group discussions), with the possibility of staying on for an extra two days. Click here for the latest agenda.

This is a unique opportunity to both go behind-the-scenes and see how lean tools and approaches developed by manufacturing industry can be applied in the hospitality sector, identify improvement possibilities and experience the product at the same time!

As you will discover, Ski Beat's chalet hosts play a crucial role - combining customer-facing duties (greeting the customers, addressing any issues), with food preparation and serving, housekeeping functions (making beds, cleaning, etc.), changeover processes (between the departure and arrival of different sets of chalet guests) and other roles.

Click here for more information on the Lean in Europe activity. For a look inside a Lean in Europe visit, see this 2-minute highlights video from the 2022 Lean in Europe visit to PakMarkas.


Lean tools and approaches

The second day will begin with a Process Mapping exercise around the chalet host's preparation and serving of breakfast. Participants will be expected to map the process and identify possible improvements.

Learn how Ski Beat uses Net Promoter Score (NPS) to bring a focus to its frontline Kaizen (continuous improvement) activities, and has developed in-house a portable Andon to highlight when action is needed to address a guest's needs. Discuss areas for improvement based on how your company uses Lean to improve customer satisfaction.

See how Ski Beat uses Preventative Maintenance and the 'chalet close down' process (check the chalet's living areas and capture issues) and give suggestions for improvement.

The visit will be led by Prof. Richard Keegan, the EU-Japan Centre's Lean Advisor and Adjunct Professor of Lean Operational Excellence at Trinity Business School (Ireland).



Background to the visit

This visit will be hosted by Ski Beat in its La Plagne resort. Ski Beat is part of the Topflight Travel Group which hosted a Lean in Europe visit in 2017 at its corporate administrative headquarters and since then has continued to send participants on the EU-Japan Centre's lean activities. Ski Beat had originally planned to host a Lean in Europe visit in April 2020, but the visit was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Ski Beat has kindly agreed to allow participants to bring their partner for 1 to 2½ days of skiiing.


Who is this visit for?

  • Priority will be given to people involved with implementing / overseeing process improvement in their company who explain in their application how participation in this activity will benefit their company.
  • People working for companies and organisations registered in one of the EU27 member-states, Ukraine or (under the SMP COSME strand) in Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway.
  • Applications are welcome from all sectors (e.g. hospitality, traditional or additive manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, other services)
  • While hospitality companies are very welcome to participate, direct competitors (ski chalet providers) will NOT be able to join this Lean in Europe visit.


How to apply

To apply for a place, please complete this application form no later than 22 March.

Given the competitive nature of the process, and the limited number of places, not everyone who applies will get a place. You should NOT book any travel unless and until you have received an email from the EU-Japan Centre confirming that you have been allocated a place on the activity. Anyone who does make such bookings now, does so at their own risk.

Whilst companies can apply for more than one place, depending upon the numbers of places available and suitable applicants, the EU-Japan Centre may limit places to one per company.


Costs to be covered by you/your company

  • You will have to cover your own flight costs to/from Geneva Airport.
  • Should you choose to stay on for the 1½ days of skiing, you will have to cover the costs of your lift passes, hire of ski or snowboard equipment, and private instruction (if needed) and the transfer back to Geneva Airport.
  • Should you choose to be accompanied, you/your partner will have to cover the costs of his/her lift passes, hire of ski or snowboard equipment, and private instruction (if needed).
  • Should you and/or your partner choose to do any skiing, snowboarding or other winter sport, you/(s)he MUST be covered by a comprehensive winter sports insurance policy.


Costs to be covered by the hosts and organiser

  • Airport transfers (between Geneva Airport and La Plagne) for people taking the group transfer.
  • All accommodation and meals (you will be the guests of Ski Beat).


Any questions?

Please e-mail simon@eu-japan.eu or call +32 2 282 0047.

La Plagne (The Alps)

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